Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in playing at the Barrelhouse.  We are very excited to have you.  This letter is to try to answer any questions you may have about your performance. 



We like to have a good time, but we first and foremost need to run a restaurant.  We need to keep the noise level below 86 decibels.  We reserve the right to pull the plug if we cannot maintain a reasonable level to keep our customers.  We start about 7:30 pm and start winding down about 10:30 pm. 



We know that everybody wants to make some money performing. For bands performing at our venue for the first time we offer $50 per band member, ½ off dinner, and 2 free drinks. If you decide you like playing here, then we can negotiate any future performances.



In order to keep a consistent experience in our venue we have consulted with a sound engineer to build a PA system that takes advantage of our space We also employ that sound engineer for each gig so that you sound as good as possible.  He can answer any questions you may have about equipment we have.  He will also ask you to provide some information to him to ensure a smooth performance. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of both while you are performing here.


Our Equipment

House mixing console:      Yamaha MG16XU

House main speakers:       QSC 12.2 speaker mounted to wall x 2

Mic stands:                        Adjustable Boom stands x 4

                                          Clutch straight stand x 1

                                          Adjustable short Boom stand x 1

Microphones:                    Shure SM-58’s x 4

                                          Shure SM-57’s x 2

                                          Shure SM-81 condenser

Monitor Speakers:            Behringer Eurolive F1220D Bi-Amped 250-Watt x 2

                                         Kustom KPM210 x 1

Lighting:                           Chauvet OBEY6 DMX controller

                                         Slimpar64RGBA Slimpar LED Par Can Wash Light x 4

Snake Box:                      12 inputs, 4 returns

Misc:                                Pyle Pro direct box x 2

                                        Passive direct adapters x 3 (RTS-F TO XLR-M)

                                        Assorted XLR microphone cables

                                        Assorted XLR to RTS cable

Stage:                             Our stage is approximately 15’ x 15’ in the corner of the front room.  Drummer will need to bring a drum rug.


Equipment storage

Our venue has a relatively small stage area. In order to keep the area clean for musicians we have a separate storage area in the back for cases and other items. Its secure and under video surveillance at all time.



Please feel free to create a Facebook event and ask us to co-host.  I promote with signage at the restaurant, our website, social media, Boise Weekly online, Idaho Statesman online and Boise.org event pages.  If you have any specific information, pictures or video clips of your band you would like me to include please email to Jennifer@barrelhouse.beer, otherwise I will use info I can find online.


Sound Questionnaire

Band Name:

Main Contact/Phone Number/Email:

How many are in your group?

What are the instruments in your group?

How many vocal mic’s are needed?

Any instruments that need to be plugged directly into the mixing console?

Any other info that may be of help?


Again, we welcome you and hope you enjoy playing at our venue. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to working with you!



The Barrelhouse